Become a Volunteer

to ensure a beautiful party and running in the best conditions, we are actively looking for volunteers. All handshops are welcome, whether for assembly, during the event or for dismantling.

By registering you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Access
    For each day of volunteer work, you will also receive personal ticket for a day at the Airshow!

  • Gift
    A special Breitling Sion Airshow cap will be given as a gift!

  • Subsistence
    A special electronic wallet will allow you to have access to food and drink for the duration of your mission in the canteens of the event!

  • Certificat
    A certificate attesting to your commitment during the Air Show will be issued by the organizing committee to fulfill your mission!

  • Thanks
    To express our gratitude, a special Volunteer BSAS 2017 evening will be organized after the event, in November!

  • Pleasure
    You are participating in the success of the biggest airshow in Switzerland and you live a unique experience as well as an incomparable adventure!

In addition, members registered in a group of the Aéroclub Valais offer their group an additional advantage:

  • Compensation
    Depending on the outcome of the event, each group will be compensated in proportion to the participation of the number of its volunteers. This is a great way to support your grouping!

We also make available, but in limited number of places:

  • Hosing (bed)
    Volunteers coming mainly from other cantons or from abroad can be accommodated during their engagement! However, we have a limited number of places. Volunteers already registered before this publication can send a email to To complete their registration.

The assignment of missions will be done according to the groups of aviation and, of course, we will take into account as best as possible your wishes, expressed during your registration.

Encourage all your friends, family members or members of an aviation group, yours or another, to become volunteer. We still need persons and many missions await us!

The commitment will of course start during the Airshow, on Friday 15th, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th September 2017, but also for the preparation during the week before, from Monday 11th to Thursday 14th, as well as for dismantling the week after, from Monday 18th to Thursday 21th.

Thanks in advance.

Volunteer form

We thank you for your interest, but the volunteers registration is now closed