Practical Informations

Access to the Airport: 8h00-18h30
Performances: 9h00-12h00 et 13h30-17h00

We highly advise to join us by using public transportation. Not only will the travel time be shorter but you will also participate in reducing the impact of the event on the environment We thank you in advance.

For safety reasons, all animals are forbidden to enter the event.

Online Tickets

You can already buy your online tickets from our website.

Single tickets or combination tickets, find the solution that best suits your needs and benefit from the reduced rates!

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Payment during the event

The Breitling Sion Airshow is a 100% cashless event. At the entrance of the Airshow you will receive a badge that will be your only method of payment onsite. To enjoy your cashless experience and avoid queues to recharge your badge, we suggest you take advantage of the possibility to charge your badge via our online ticket page on the internet.

How does cashless work?